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  • Be Part Of Any Country That Uses Credit Card, Has a Virgin Credit Score (new to credit) OR a Credit Score of 580+
  • This course is mainly targetted at Americans, Canadians, Australians, British, however any country using Credit Cards will more or less have the same principles.
  • Course can still be implemented if your credit is bad or if you have a lot of derogatory remarks, but will be harder to achieve the same results as those who have virgin or good credit.


When it comes to Credit Cards and Credit, even “advanced” users have no clue on how they REALLY work, why credit and Credit Cards are so important, how you can REALLY make money from it, and how you can be WEALTHIER when using credit (& credit cards) PROPERLY. Using A Credit Card is Important, and by knowing this knowledge you won’t ever be in debt and never owe money on interest!

I will be showing you EVERYTHING! – Over 17 hours of vital and valuable information!

-How do Credit Cards and Credit work.
-Why credit is important.
-Intro To Business Credit + How To Leverage it + How Credit Helps with Cash Flow (Great For Shopify Drop-Shipping)
-How to increase your credit limits.
-How to protect your purchases through Credit Cards.
-How Credit Cards protect your cash.
-How Credit Card perks and benefits work.
-How to dispute and/or chargeback products and/or services not as described and/or not as received.
-How to use credit to protect and increase your wealth and equities.
-How to apply for credit cards.
-How to increase your chances of preapproval.
-How to have a high credit score and maintaining it.
-How to obtain free flights.
-How to optimize cashback returns.
-How to check your credit score and credit reports.
-How to organize your banking and credit accounts.
-How to organize your day to day finances.
-How to use your expense data & cashflow data to optimize your borrowing to either stabilize or build wealth.
-How to borrow credit safely if needed.

I will also be providing multiple examples and scenarios within the program.
This program is fully in depth, A-Z, for both beginners and advance.

This is a program I would highly recommend you enroll, especially if you recently graduated, new to credit, just got your credit card and/or wants to learn more! And if you want to be or are entrepreneur you should definitely enroll!

See you there,

-Mike Gap.

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